Friday, 20 September 2013

Sweets for a Sweet 16

I didn't do anything for my sweet 16 as I tend to keep my Birthday celebrations low key. I might think of re-doing it however if I had these cakes... Last week I got a call asking for some cake pops for a sweet 16 dinner, and if they could be pink and white with opposite coloured polka-dots and if every pop could have a black "J" on them. The Birthday girl's Mum provided me with thank-you tags to put on each of the cake pops, which turned out looking really great when tied with the black ribbon. A day or so later I got another request from the birthday girl's Mum asking if I made large cakes as well, and although I do prefer to stay with cake pops, I do make the odd exception now and again. This Mum wanted a simple design for the larger cake, staying with the pink and white theme, so luckily nothing beyond the realms of possibility for me.

Hopefully the young lady enjoyed her special weekend, and hopefully her cake too!


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